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Jeremy's shooting attempts per36 over the last three years:

By pidge0t 1 day ago

AT RIM-10FT STATS (Per 36)籃下—10英尺出手/命中率
13-14 AT RIM-10FT: 6.14 attempts @ .534
14-15 AT RIM-10FT: 4.75 attempts @ .508
15-16 AT RIM- 10FT: 5.67 attempts @ .510

10-16FT STATS (Per 36)10英尺—罰球線出手/命中率
13-14 10-16 FT: 0.75 attempts @ .295
14-15 10-16 FT: 1.29 attempts @ .390
15-16 10-16 FT : 1.11 attempts @ .408

16FT-3PT STATS (Per 36)
13-14 16FT-3PT: 1.42 attempts @ .432
14-15 16FT-3PT: 1.99 attempts @ .319
15-16 16FT-3PT: 2.23 attempts @ .316

3PT STATS (Per 36)3分出手/命中率
13-14 3PT: 4.40 attempts @ .345
14-15 3PT: 2.95 attempts @ .369
15-16 3PT: 3.88 attempts @ .318

FT STATS (Per 36)罰球出手/命中率
13-14 FT: 4.6 attempts @ .823
14-15 FT: 5.1 attempts @ .795
15-16 FT: 5.3 attempts @ .817

Quick Notes + Observations Based On The Eye Test:
Lin's shot attempts when driving to the basket (At rim/within 10ft) have returned to Houston level. This is mainly due to Houston/Charlotte having an ideal spaced offense for drivers like him—whereas the Lakers ran the Princeton Offense which didn't space the floor nearly as well—and clogged up driving lanes for him.

Lin's % when finishing near the rim has been below his last Houston year for two consecutive years. I think this is mainly because Houston had the superior team spacing out of the three teams--more so than personal deteriorating ability to finish at the rim. I'm concluding this from watching game footage, and also because...
Lin's foul drawing ability has increased each year (which means he has gotten better at driving to the rim each year).

Baby J's (10-16ft)--mainly consisting of Lin driving, hard-stopping at the FT Line-and shooting--have improved strongly at a steady pace. You can see that Lin barely had this weapon in Houston, and has made it a part of his game year by year (0.75 attempts-to-1.11 attempts). Also from 29.5% to 40.8%.

Long 2's (16FT-3)--WOMP WOMP... From Houston's 43.2% to the low 30% for two straight seasons. What gives? The answer can partially be seen in the # of attempts--but it's completed through the eye test--because in Houston, Lin only shot the long-2 when he pumpfaked the 3, and pulled up a few feet within the arc. In LA/CHA, he's made ​​the long midrange a functional part of his game. He struggled integrating the long-2 last year in LA, but since it was an experimental year for him (IE: Lin decided to add a bunch of moves to his game to play with after the Lakers season was in tank mode), the growing pains were fine . Shooting long-2's off crosses and etc, are obviously harder than the open long-2 off of a pumpfake from the arc, which explains the dip in percentages from long-2 (and also the increased attempts from this range). Ideally, those crossover J's from the long-2 range would've been more accurate this year--but Lin started literally 1-18 or something like that from 16FT-3PT--so it was terrible. Since then however he's actually probably been @ . 370-.375 from 16FT-3PT for everything but the first month-and-a-half of the season. The long-2 J has visibly improved for Lin, but I don't think the stats reflect it because of his horrible start (and overall, Lin is still a below average jump shooter [though improving…?]).
遠2分(16英尺罰球線—3分線)—哐哐。。。從休士頓時的43.2%下滑到整整兩個賽季都只有30%。怎麼搞的?答案可以從出手數看出來,但也透過印象更形完整—因為在休士頓,林的遠2分球只是在他做投3分假動作,然後再前進兩步在圓弧內急停跳投。(譯者:所謂踩線三分也包括在內?)在LA和夏洛特,他 ​​其實是以遠中距離作為他比賽功能性的一部分。他去年在LA掙扎於把遠2分球融入他的比賽,但既然那是他的實驗性的一年(也就是說反正湖人這個賽季是在擺爛狀態,林決定在比賽中增加一攬子不同的動作),成長痛是必須的。過人或其他方式,比起在圓弧上假動作跳投肯定更困難,這解釋了他遠2分命中的滑落(也因為他這段距離的出手數增加)。理想的話,這些遠距離2分的過人跳投今年應該更準才是,但林今年一開始卻從15英尺罰球線—3分線距離透出了可怕的18中1,所以就很糟了。從那時候開始,除了賽季初的一個半月,他從15英尺罰球線—3分線上其實得出.370—.375的命中水平。林的遠距離2分跳投其實是看得到進步的,但因為這可怕的開季命中,我不認為數據有反映出這一點(同時整體來說,林還是一個低於平均的跳投手—即使進步中。。。?)。

3 Point Shooting is the obvious dip. I think his dip has more to do with his sporadic footwork than his upper-body mechanics. Yes, he changed his shot--but it's actually more fluid now. He used to have a hitch in his shot (even last year when he shot 36%), but that is gone now. His release is also quicker than it used to be--mainly because he doesn't dip the ball as low (when using his hopping footwork) as he used to (and he used to dip low because he would purposely load his legs, in order to jump quite high in the air for his J). He's cut out the lower dip and the loading of his legs, in favor of decreasing the amount of time it takes to get in the air. This means he jumps lower on his J, but is more efficient with his energy and quicker with his shot--which I think is a good move overall, since he was never over-jumping anyone for an unblockable J anyway, and tended to have tired legs on his J late in games with his former shot... So if the changes were good, why is he sucking from 3... Well... I think there's mainly TWO current problems with his J.

The first is that his footwork mechanics (and the timing) of his J (with the hopping footwork) have changed due to the changes he's made, and I'm not sure he's completely adapted to the timing difference yet (hence the lower 3pt% ). Secondly; he's added a mid-range game (From both 10-16ft, and also 16-3), and I think this might have also screwed up the timing on his J. I say this, because for the midrange shots, he's (most of the time) using different footwork to get off Js. So basically, he's using the 1-2 mainly when he shoots from midrange, and then using the hop for the 3. But then, there are also times where he reverts back to the hop on midrange shots, but it seems kind of random... why did he shoot from the hop that time, instead of the 1-2... Is he still shooting with the timing of the hop, even when he does the 1-2? (The consistency is gone; whereas he was ALWAYS off of the hop in Houston). There's some madness here too, because sometimes Lin will shoot a side-step J from midrange, so it makes sense to hop on this shot... but sometimes he'll also shoot a pull-up J with a hop, which makes less sense if he just shot the previous pull-up J with the 1-2... So why isn't he shooting all his pull-ups with the 1-2, because it seems like he's just freestylin' this thing and switching up footwork from random muscle memory... I'm not really sure what's going on here for him in terms of consistency, but I assume it's all messing him up; since when you shoot with different footwork, your balance and release is different as well, so I wonder if sliding between both types of footwork is messing up him up more majorly than his actual upper body mechanics.
第一點就是他跳投(hop墊步跳投)時的腳步機械動作(和調速),也因為他做的調整而改變了,而我不確定他是不是充分的適應了這個調速上的差別(因此3分命中低了)。第二,他增加了中距離投籃(10—16尺,也有16—3分),而我認為他這方面的跳投調速也搞砸了。我這麼說,是因為他的中距離投籃,他(多數時候)都以不同的腳步投出。於是基本上,他中距離出手就是用1-2步(1-2 step)投籃,而他的三分就用墊步(hop)投籃。但同時,他也有些時候換到以墊步投中距離,而且看來相當隨機。。。他為什麼那時候用墊步而不用1-2步呢。。。他是不是在做1-2步跳投的時候使用了墊步跳投的調速呢?(他的持續性沒有了,就以他在休士頓時“一定的“採取墊步跳投來說)。還有個瘋狂的,林有時還以側步跳投中距離的投籃,那他這時候以墊步跳投就合理了。。。但有時他也在急停是使用墊步,要是他前一個急停是用1-2步完成就顯得不怎麼合理了。。。所以,為甚他不全部以1-2步投急停呢?這讓他看來像是隨性的把自己的步法以隨機的肌肉記憶做轉換。。。我不明白他的持續性出了什麼問題,但我假設這些都給他造成麻煩,因為當你使用不同的步法時,你的平衡和投籃送出時機都會有所不同,所以我懷疑在這兩種步法間的轉換比起他的上半身機械動作要更讓給他麻煩。

TLDR: Lin has adapted a midrange game into his arsenal and is improving & better at the midrange J than he ever was before, [but he's still below average at it]. His shots at rim are about where they always have been. He draws more fouls than he ever has, but his 3 point shot is visibly off... I think this is partially due to his new shooting form, but mainly due to his footwork timing/balance being off (he implemented a different footwork pattern for his new midrange Js (the 1-2), yet he is still shooting off the hop for his 3's). He toggles back and forth between the 1-2 and the hop in-game, and I think this screws up his 3-ball .
林新添入武器庫中的中距離跳投 ​​比起從前都要進步更多(但還是低於平均水平)。他的籃下出手跟他一直以來差不多。他比從前造更多犯規,但3分是明顯熄火。。。我認為這部分歸咎於他的新投籃姿勢,但主要是源於他的步法調速,平衡沒了(他新的中距離跳投 ​​使用了不同以往的步法'1-2步',但他的3分還是以墊步投出)。他在比賽中前後切換1-2步和墊步,我認為這搞砸了他的三分球。

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